Published on February 15, 2023

Yavapai County Sheriff's Office AND U.S. Forest Service - Prescott National Forest TEAM UP TO CLEAR ROADWAY AND FREE SNOWED-IN COUPLE 
On February 7, 2023, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office received a call from residents in the Mt. Union area needing assistance. The couple had been snowed in at their home for almost 5 weeks and began to run critically low on supplies and prescription medications.
YCSO Forest patrol deputies attempted to make it to the area but were unable due to the extreme snow and ice which had accumulated to over three feet deep. YCSO Search and Rescue (SAR) volunteers were then dispatched, as they have more suitable equipment for the conditions at hand. After multiple failed attempts at gaining access to the home, they too were unable to fight the treacherous roads. YCSO Deputies called the Prescott National Forest (PNF) Service for assistance. Without hesitation, Prescott National Forest personnel brought a D7 bulldozer to the scene and were able to plow through the snow and ice to clear the roadway to the couple's house.
“The Prescott National Forest would like to thank YCSO for their efforts and assistance in community protection," said Sarah Clawson, Bradshaw-Chino Valley District Ranger. " YCSO has provided assistance several times in the past month helping to locate and rescue stranded forest visitors. We have an outstanding relationship with YCSO and hope to continue strengthening this partnership that not only benefits the Prescott National Forest, but all our communities. We are grateful to YCSO and its Search and Rescue for their continued support.”
In recent weeks the YCSO has received multiple calls for service in the area stretching from Palace Station to Mt Union due to being trapped in the snow. YCSO would like to caution motorists to not travel in this area with the storms we have had. If you do plan on braving the terrain, remember to bring essential equipment and extra food and water with you and to not travel alone.
YCSO is grateful to the PNF for their aid on this call and allowing this couple the ability to drive out to regain supplies. The great partnerships we have with other local agencies is imperative to community safety and wellbeing.


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