Inmate Services


Inmate Services Bureau

YCSO’s Inmate Services Bureau is dedicated to offering various classes and learning opportunities to the inmates detained in our care to include:

  • Religious studies
  • High school equivalency, and
  • Behavioral health programs 

Some of these are available in person with the help of our dedicated volunteers or through tablets in which they may access self-help courses, guided course work, and literature.

  • Reach Out  

Reach Out is a program to help keep people from re-entering the jail system after their release. Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office’s Reach Out Program is a coordinated re-entry planning service done from within the jail. 

Through national and local research, we know that people with unmet mental health and substance use issues are over-represented in the justice system.

By improving the behavioral health outcomes of this population, through screening and care coordination, our long term expected impacts are a reduction in recidivism which improves public safety, population health through service linkage, quality of life, and retention of family and support ties for people with mental illness and/or are substance dependent.  

We believe that if people suffering from mental health and substance abuse disorders, as well as various socioeconomic deficiencies, are directed into meaningful services and their underlying causes of criminogenic behavior are sufficiently and appropriately addressed, then we can reduce crime thus reducing recidivism.

The four main components of our coordinated re-entry planning services consist of: conducting a screening on every inmate entering the facility within 36 hours; coordinating treatment options for individual needs; facilitating service linkage for each inmate needing treatment; and reintegrating individuals into society through appropriate treatment and family support models.

Information on the Reach Out Program may be found here: Reach Out Brochure(PDF, 645KB)