Forest Patrol


The Forest Patrol Unit consists of 2 deputies and a sergeant, who work with state and federal agencies to patrol public lands within the County - a rather big job when there are over 8000 square miles of land in Yavapai County.

The Forest Patrol Unit duties include assisting with the Sheriff's Office component of wildfire and flood response, handle calls for service in remote areas not easily accessible in traditional ways, and very importantly handles all Search and Rescue (SAR) calls along with the hundreds of SAR volunteers throughout the county.

The Forest Patrol SAR capabilities include:
  • Technical Rope Rescue
  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Short Haul/Helicopter Rescue
  • 4x4/Off Highway Vehicle Teams
  • Mountain Bike Team
  • Hiker/Ground Search Teams
  • Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • Horseback Mounted Team