Donate To YCSO

YCSO has five Special Program Funds where public donations are always appreciated.  

  1. The Benevolence Fund: Provides financial support to Deputies and their families if there is a death or injury in the line of duty.
  2. Law Enforcement K-9: Supports the care and training of the Sheriff’s Office drug detection canines.
  3. YCSO Employee Fund: Provides support to YCSO employees and their families during times of need.
  4. YCSO Cadet Program: Provides support to the youth aged 14-21 interested in exploring a law enforcement career.
  5. Youth Awareness Fund: Supports youth programs including safety awareness education.

Click below to donate to YCSO through PayPal, in the "Use This Donation For" Box below the dollar amount you can select which of the five programs you with to support. Know that we are grateful for your generosity.

Donate to YCSO