Prescott Criminal Justice Center


Prescott Criminal Justice Center

The new Prescott Criminal Justice Center design started in 2016. The new facility is to be open for operations in 2023. Operations for the CJC will include Yavapai County Courts, Yavapai County Attorney’s Office, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office Detention, and Connections and Re-entry services provided to released subjects.

Yavapai County Court

The Yavapai County Court, by being co-located with the new detention center, will prevent the need for inmates to be brought to Courthouse Square on Gurley Street.  The need for court transportation will be greatly mitigated with the courthouse on the same site.  

Prescott Detention Center

The new detention center will be a 144-bed facility that will replace the current small facility located in the Sheriff's Office in downtown Prescott.  

The Yavapai Reentry and Connections Center

is a new facility that will be constructed separate from, but in conjunction with, the new Yavapai Criminal Justice Center in Prescott, Arizona.The Reentry Center will serve individuals who are being released from jail and returning to the community. 

YCSO meets the medical and mental health needs of their inmate-patients and has created a Co-located Screening/Evaluation Center, and Re-Entry Facility as part of the CJC. The CJC along with community collaborations can meet the needs of high-risk individuals, to reduce recidivism, minimize justice involvement, and/or prevent their reentry into the justice system altogether. With innovative initiatives like Reach Out, and the Mental Health Coalition programs, YCSO is giving the criminal justice system and Yavapai County citizens a real “proof of concept”. 

The Re-Entry portion of the center will provide a physical location for highly motivated community agencies to meet releasing citizens where they are, conduct on-site intakes, assessments, and other care management services to support behavioral health, housing, veteran, employment, transportation, and other needs.

Through the generous funding of the AZ Attorney General’s Office, Yavapai Sherriff’s Office’s Camp Verde Detention Center has begun a remodel to incorporate a Reentry Center with the same model and goal to be available for individuals upon release in the Verde area.

This Connections Center will also service those in a mental health crisis and who are potentially eligible for involuntary pre-arrest evaluation and treatment, deflecting this population from the criminal justice system altogether. A 12-bed inpatient psychiatric unit will allow service for individuals who may otherwise enter the criminal justice system or be deflected to the local emergency departments.