Specialized Professional Units


Specialized Response Team

SRT is similar to SWAT but it is made up of Detention Deputies who handle all high liability, low frequency events within the detention. We train, cell extractions, dorm riots, dorm searches for drugs and weapons, high risk transport, and high profile court hearings to name a few. 

Transport Unit

The Transport Unit handles most of the inmate movement across the county, state, and nation.  This includes moving inmates between YCSO jail facilities, picking up and dropping off inmates at other jurisdictions like Arizona Department of Correction, and picking up Fugitives of Justice in other states.  The Transport Unit fleet consists of SUV’s, vans, busses, and aircraft. 

Jail Investigators

Investigate potential crimes that originate inside the jail. They assist Criminal Investigations with Detectives and are the experts in jail surveillance and data retrieval. They have attended specialized training regarding gang member identification.


Trained and certified K-9 handler deploys a K-9 inside the jail to assist with preventing contraband.

Court Services

The Court Services Unit coordinate all in-custody court appearances with more than 30 courts within the county and a population exceeding 500 inmates.  These court appearances are conducted via video monitor and in-person when necessary.  Court Services staff are responsible for transporting and providing security during these appearances.