Get Fingerprinted


Public Fingerprinting Services

The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office provides fingerprint services to the public as follows:

Prescott Sheriff’s Office, 255 E. Gurley Street – Tuesdays and Thursdays / 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Verde Valley Detention Center - Tuesday and Thursdays / 7:30 AM - 11:30 AM.

Limited finger printing services are available at main substations throughout Yavapai County; please call (928) 771-3260 for schedule.

Individuals required to be printed per court order must be printed by Detention Services.

Fingerprinting Fees

The fingerprint fee is $5.00 for two (2) cards provided by each individual.

Allowable payment is cash, check or money order. Credit cards are not accepted.

Persons exempt from this fee are as follows:

  1. Person/s being printed for a volunteer position with a public agency or non-profit organization and who will not be receiving monetary compensation for those services. The exempt person must present a letter from their respective agency at the initial request for fingerprint services stating that they receive no salary or monetary compensation for the position being fingerprinted for.
  2. Person/s making applications for public housing assistance. The fingerprint card provided from the Arizona Department of Housing will be marked as such and the applicant should not be charged.
  3. Person/s employed by Yavapai County Government and is being printed for employment purposes only. The applicant must supply a letter from his or her supervisor stating that the applicant is being printed for employment purposes.
  4. Should questions arise as to the legitimacy of the person requesting exemption the Sheriff or his designee will have final authority in granting or refusing the exemption.

Additional Fingerprinting Information

Picture Identification is required to fingerprint an individual.

Acceptable ID: Valid driver’s license or state ID card, passport, military ID or other official government forms of ID. Individuals under the age of sixteen may use a state ID card or school ID card.

You will be required to print your name and reason being printed on the Fingerprint Log provided by YCSO.

Fingerprint Cards: YCSO does not supply fingerprint cards. The agency or business requesting the fingerprints will need to supply you with a card or tell you how to obtain one. If the card is ruined by the finger printer then we will replace the card. Keep replacements on hand.

Reprints: On occasion fingerprint applicant cards are rejected. Re-prints will be done at no cost to the individual if a receipt is provided for the initial fingerprinting. If a receipt is not provided then there will be a charge of $5.00.