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In order to efficiently respond to requests and manage employment of off-duty Sheriff’s Deputies, The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with Off Duty Management to provide services related to hiring off-duty Deputies effective December 16, 2019.

You may request to hire off-duty Deputies for security through the Off Duty Management web-based service, OfficerTRAK®, or calling the toll-free number below.

Off Duty Management provides the following to the customer:

  • Online access to information through the OfficerTRAK® software including:
    • Job-status
    • Officer attendance
    • Field notes and media files
    • Post orders and instructions
    • Past and future shift information
  • Full liability coverage for the customer, the agency, and the officer
  • 24/7 customer service through their toll-free number
  • Dedicated point of contact for scheduling and invoicing
  • Officer payroll

Organizations that have recurring needs for off-duty Deputies can establish an account and schedule billing cycles with off-duty management.

Prohibited Off-Duty Employment*:

  • Representatives will not be approved for Outside Employment when in conflict with Yavapai County Policies and Procedures.
  • Representatives will not work off-duty under the following circumstances:
    • Where the employer is involved in a labor or civil rights dispute
    • Where the sale of intoxicating beverages is the principal business, including after-hours establishments.
    • Where the employer restricts the representative in any way from performing the duty of a law enforcement representative.
    • Where the employer requires a uniformed representative to perform non-law enforcement tasks.
    • For private police or security agencies.
    • Private investigative work.
    • Outside the county in the capacity of a law enforcement representative (unless authorized by the Sheriff).
    • At any location where the employer will not hire an adequate number of Representatives to handle the situation safely.
    • In any capacity for an establishment featuring an "nc-17" or " x " rated film.
    • When the representative would be involved in pictures or advertising and endorsing commercial products while he is identified as a Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office representative.
    • At any location if the reputation of the agency would suffer by having a representative working there.
  • Representatives will function only in a law enforcement capacity and not enforce employer rules, regulations or policies.
    • Enforcement actions will only be taken on law violations.

*PLEASE NOTE: the above list is not an all-inclusive and questions regarding permitted activity should be forwarded to Off Duty Management.


Title Total Hourly Rate
Deputy $65.5
 Holiday*  $98.33
 Emergency**  $98.33
Vehicle Rate $13.23

2 Hours minimum per request.

HOLIDAY RATE*: The holiday rate will apply to the following days: New Year’s Eve., New Years, MLK, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

EMERGENCY_RATE**: If request is received less than 72 hours prior to assignment, the requestor will be informed that ODM will make every attempt to staff the request but cannot guarantee coverage due to short notice.

You can request service or obtain a quote the following ways: