Criminal Investigations


The Criminal Investigations Bureau is comprised of a Lieutenant, two Sergeants, and Detectives.

The Criminal Investigations Bureau is responsible for investigating major crimes that often require specific resources to investigate such as homicides, arsons, sexual assault, burglary, crimes against children, missing person(s), and financial crimes.  The Criminal Investigations Bureau also receives numerous in/out of state requests for assistance with investigations that often require coordinated investigative efforts with other law enforcement agencies.

The Criminal Investigations Unit Detectives are on a scheduled on-call rotation to respond to incidents that occur at all hours and regularly supports uniformed patrol officers in their investigations.


Cold Case Volunteer

The Cold Case Unit aims to investigate unsolved crimes such as homicide investigations, unresolved suspicious deaths, unidentified human remains, and unsolved sexual assault investigations. Volunteers with the Cold case Unit dedicate their time and efforts to further investigate, follow up on leads, and assist detectives with unsolved cases.