Weekend Wrap Up April 24, 2023

Published on April 25, 2023

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PRESCOTT, ARIZONA (April 25, 2023) –

  1. On April 19th, the YCSO K9 unit attempted a vehicle stop on I17 in Camp Verde with the help of a patrol deputy. The vehicle fled, but deputies did not initiate a pursuit. The suspect vehicle was later located unoccupied in Camp Verde. The suspects were not located, and they identities are unknown.   However, they were kind enough to leave about 100K fentanyl pills in their vehicle. The vehicle was towed to evidence and an attempt to lift fingerprints will be done by evidence technicians.


  2. On Saturday April 22nd around 9:15 pm, three women from British Columbia, Canada reported they had parked at Baldwin Trailhead, but were off trail and lost. They started hiking at about 6 pm but did not have any light sources other than their cell phones. They reported that there were no injuries and they had plenty of battery life on their cell phones.  2 hours later, the Verde Search and Rescue team were able to locate the tourists, and by midnight all three were safe and returned to their vehicles.

    YCSO is now taking donation of flashlights for Canadians crossing the border bound for the hills of Yavapai County…

    In the early morning hours of Sunday April 23rd, YCSO dispatch received a 911 hang-up call from the Oasis Lounge in Ashfork. Deputies responded and learned that a male subject had gotten into a fight and pointed a pistol at numerous people at the bar before taking off on. The suspect then called 911 himself stating that he had fired shots inside the bar (witnesses later disputed this statement), that he was hiding and refusing to come out, and that he wanted to die through “suicide by cop”.

  3. Deputies were able to locate the area in which the suspect was hiding using the suspect's cellphone pings and gave commands for him to come out over their PA system.  The suspect told dispatch he could hear the deputy giving commands but that he was not going to surrender, with the negotiations continuing for over 20 minutes. Though SWAT resources had been requested, one of the YCSO deputies saw the suspect crossing the street and was able to detain him without incident.

    The suspect was wearing an empty holster and admitted to ditching the gun while hiding from law enforcement, but stated he was too intoxicated and forgot exactly where he left it.   

    Several YCSO units with the assistance of DPS Troopers, searched the area for the gun but were unable to locate it, believing it no longer to be in the area. The suspect was booked into the Verde jail on charges of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Disorderly Conduct with a Deadly Weapon, Endangerment, Threatening/Intimidation, and Tampering with Physical Evidence.

    In what could have been an unspeakable tragedy but instead resulted in what will become a family story for the ages, a two and half year-old boy fell from a 2nd story window in Prescott while presumably daydreaming of flying.

     On Sunday April 23rd, YCSO deputies responded to the distress call and discovered that the child, who was being supervised by his father, had      apparently used the "dog stairs" to get onto a bed in the guest bedroom and push through the screen in a cracked window, falling to the         ground.

     Emergency Medical Services responded and found the child to be conscious, alert and crying. He suffered a possible fracture to his wrist but      had no other visible injuries. He was transported to YRMC West for immediate treatment, and a stern lecture about not having wings.




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