Published on May 08, 2024

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YCSO Lt Scott Joy, who retired May 7th after 27 years with the agency, thanked his two families at his ceremony: “I have a family by blood, and I have a family in YCSO by Sheriff’s blood, and I thank them both. With the history of this office, it was an honor to be here. Hopefully I have left something behind that will make a difference.”

Lt Joy was hired as a detention officer in October 1997 and went to patrol 15 months later. He also was a past member of the SWAT team, served as a field training officer three times, was part of the agency’s Honor Guard including serving as commander for several years, and served in the Forest Patrol. He received 67 letters of appreciation or commendation from members of the community, the County Board of Supervisors, outside law enforcement agencies, and YCSO.

Sheriff David Rhodes told Lt Joy, “A big part of this place is because of your example and leadership. Some people come to work, do a good job, and retire. You will be remembered more for what you gave to YCSO than for what you took. You have given everything to this agency, and we appreciate it.” The Sheriff also thanked Lt Joy for his leadership and support during the tragic losses the past two years of YCSO Sergeants Rick Lopez and Tommy Tieman. 

Lt Joy thanked his wife, Kylie, for her support over the years, especially enduring late-night YCSO callouts. He also thanked his father, Robert (pictured watching his son embrace Sheriff Rhodes during the ceremony), who travelled to Prescott from Wyoming to attend the occasion, for helping to inspire him to a career in law enforcement. His dad told Sheriff Rhodes and the others in attendance, “Thanks for taking care of him all these years, and I’m glad he’s off the road.” Lt Joy also gave special thanks to Gene McFarland and Clay Starin for their inspiration to make YCSO a career.

Lt Joy’s sister, Nikki, told the gathering her brother left “an amazing legacy” at YCSO. His nephew, Collin, told the group “He has been a cop the whole time I have been alive, and I want to thank him for his influence on my life.” YCSO Sergeant Deann Ashby, who herself will retire later this month, told Lt Joy, “I always looked to you for mentorship. It was a pleasure to work with you and under you.”

He was presented with special gifts, including a gun class at Gunsite and a swagger stick from his fellow Honor Guard members. Lt Joy said "Serving in the Honor Guard, other than being a teacher and a trainer to others, was my greatest experience.”

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