Published on May 09, 2024

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YCSO has its newest Lieutenant, Daniel Moralez, a 12-year agency veteran and a key person in the unit responsible for a drastic cut in staffing vacancies in the past year. 

Chief Deputy Jeff Newnum said Lt. Moralez "has done amazing work for us", including being a key individual in the recruitment of new deputies. YCSO is getting close to full patrol deputy staffing with those in the current NARTA academy and others in the background phase of employment. Sheriff David Rhodes has told several community meetings in recent weeks that YCSO staffing at one time was down significantly due to the national media's overwhelming negative message a few years ago, including the "defund the police" movement, but now the agency is once again convincing especially young people that law enforcement is a noble profession. Also, money from the Arizona Legislature for hiring bonuses and great support from the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors to increase pay has contributed to the staffing increases. 

Lt Moralez thanked many people responsible for his success at YCSO, including retired Lt Scott Joy and the late Sgt Tommy Tierman who inspired him to enter law enforcement instead of a career in baseball. He also thanked his wife for her sacrifices that allowed him to work graveyard shifts. "I am beyond blessed, and I appreciate you all having the faith in me to give me this great opportunity", he said.

One of those who commended Moralez was his Field Training Officer at the start of his career, Sgt Deann Ashby, who said she was "proud and super excited". Lt Jarrod Winfrey, who has been a leader of the unit Moralez formerly served in, said he was "super thankful for you, and especially with the great way you relate to people."

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