General Information and Rules

The Yavapai County Driving Track, located at 7100 N. County Fair Trail, Bldg. D, Prescott Valley, is a multi-agency use facility per the Inter-Governmental Agreement. Priority will be given to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office and Northern Arizona Training Academy. Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to review and decline any agency lesson plan determined to be unsafe prior to the use of the track.

Driving Track Classroom

Track Rules

  • No vehicle will be driven on the track without the permission of an instructor
  • Any unsafe or inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated
  • No privately owned vehicles will be operated on the track at any time
  • All rear windows shall be kept rolled up and all doors unlocked while operating on the track
  • Headlights must remain on unless otherwise instructed
  • Seatbelts will be worn at all times when operating a vehicle on the track
  • Vehicle tires and fluids will be checked prior to operating a vehicle on the track
  • All tire pressure shall be inflated to 5lbs above manufacturer recommended pressure before operating on any portion of the track
  • In case of mechanical problems with a vehicle, notify an instructor immediately
  • All instructors shall be ATV certified prior to operating any all terrain vehicles
  • An AzPOST certified instructor must be present during all training exercises
  • Report all accidents involving vehicle damage, track damage and/or injury to an instructor and/or host agency monitor immediately
  • Report any damaged equipment to an instructor and/or host agency track monitor immediately
  • If told to abort an exercise, do so immediately
  • Observers are restricted to designated safe areas
  • Any violation of these rules is cause for dismissal from the facility