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Scott Mascher, Yavapai County Sheriff

Sheriff Scott Mascher was born in Pennsylvania and at 3-years of age, convinced his parents to move to Arizona. After settling in Prescott, he attended the schools and college, and ultimately joined the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve Officer. Sheriff Mascher is married to Renee and they have two children, Jared and Allie.


Sheriff Mascher is a 28-year Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office veteran. He has worked his way up from the bottom of the organization and has worked in all the communities of Yavapai County.

After three years of being a Reserve he joined the Sheriff’s Office as a full-time paid Certified Deputy in 1986. He worked as a Deputy Sheriff in Patrol of the Verde Valley, Camp Verde and Sedona areas prior to their incorporation. Sheriff Mascher is one of the founding members of the multiple agency drug task force known as P.A.N.T. He promoted through the ranks, supervising both field operations (patrol) and criminal investigations (major crimes and homicides) as a sergeant and lieutenant.

As a Captain, Sheriff Mascher managed and provided leadership in patrol operations, internal investigations and criminal investigations of the Law Enforcement Services Division. He was successfully involved in the planning, design, construction and opening of the 650-bed jail complex in Camp Verde, utilizing the National Institute of Corrections Standards while managing the Detention Services Division.

As a Commander of the Detention Services Division, he managed two jail facilities with an average inmate population of 600 and provided leadership to 280 staff members. Daily operations included medical services, food services, inmate programs, transportation and training of staff members. As Commander of the Law Enforcement Services Division, he was responsible for 186 staff members assigned within patrol, criminal investigations, technical services, dispatch/communications, and support personnel.

After 25 years, he retired at the rank of Commander in charge of the Law Enforcement Services Division. Upon retirement he determined he may not have accomplished all his goals within the law enforcement professional and after receiving several offers in various forms to continue in his career, Sheriff Mascher accepted the position of Chief Deputy back with the Sheriff’s Office.

As Chief Deputy, he was directly responsible for improving the state of readiness of the entire Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, both Law Enforcement and Detention Services Divisions.

On June 3, 2011, the Yavapai County Board of Supervisor unanimously appointed Scott to the position of Sheriff and in November 2012, running unopposed, he became the elected Sheriff of Yavapai County.

Scott has a Degree in Administration of Justice; is a graduate of the FBI National Academy; the State of Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy, is a Certified instructor in Ethics in law Enforcement, Homicide Investigations, and Use of Force, along with being a certified FAA pilot.

Throughout his career, his accomplishments, special assignments and skills have varied extensively:

Developed and managed multi-million dollar budgets through strategic planning.

Developed, established and managed the action plan and implementation to remediate federal civil rights issues within two (2) Yavapai County jails.

Prominently involved in the planning, design, construction and opening of a 650-bed detention facility meeting or exceeding Federal and State standards.

Instrumental in acquiring Federal Immigration Law Enforcement authority (287g) for the Sheriff’s Office, being one of 62 agencies throughout the United States currently maintaining this authority.

Was assigned as academy Commander to the Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy for five (5) years, responsible for providing excellent basic training for 20 law enforcement agencies throughout the State of Arizona.

Has over 20-years’ experience in Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), high-risk incident deployment.

Sheriff Mascher is a member of the National Sheriff’s Association, FBI National Academy Associates, National Rifle Association, Methamphetamine Task Force, National Tactical Officers Association, and American Correctional Association. Sheriff Mascher in a member and held the position of President of the Arizona Sheriff’s Association in 2012. Sheriff Mascher is on the Board of Directors for Silent Witness, and a Board member of the Trauma Intervention Program. As part of the community, he is a member of the 100 Club, a guide member of the Grand Canyon River Guides, and a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, along with the Prescott Airport User Association.

Through his strong and proven leadership, our communities have become safer.