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Civil Unit Information

Sheriff’s Sales – please see the attachment

March 1, 2017 – 17-00055 Notice of Sheriff Sale, March 8, 2017 – 16-02186 Notice of Sale, and March 29, 2017 – 16-02182 Notice of Sale

CIVIL UNIT OVERVIEW The primary function of personnel assigned to Civil Unit is processing and serving documents initiated by the Superior Court System, as well as subpoenas and writs, within Yavapai County. Documents served include Orders of Protection, Orders Prohibiting Harassment, Writs of Execution, divorce documents, custodial papers and others. Civil Process Fees are determined by Arizona Revised Statute 11-445. Deposits:

  •  All Writs: $300.00
  •  All other court documents: $150.00*
    •  *No deposit required for Orders of Protection or Injunctions Against Harassment.
  •  Injunctions Against Harassment will have a bill for service per Arizona Revised Statute 12-1809.

Common fees:

  •  The cost for service of most court documents is approximately $16.00 each.
  •  The cost for preparation, including notarization if requested, of each affidavit of service (Return) or other document pertaining to service is $8.00 each.
  •  Mileage is charged at the rate of $2.40 per mile with a minimum rate of $16.00.
  •  The execution of a levy and the return of various court documents varies from $12.00 up to $48.00 plus $40.00 per hour per deputy, if in excess of three hours, for a Writ of Possession or Restitution.

Documents required:

  •  The documents to be served, along with one photocopy of the documents, a completed Plaintiff/Petitioner Information Form  and the appropriate deposit to:
    • Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office 255 E Gurley Street Prescott, AZ 86301 Attn: Civil Unit

Please contact the Civil Unit at (928) 777-7233, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM to determine the actual cost of your request.